Agrawal Reveladore was founded by Brijesh Agrawal along with Mudit Mittal to opportunistically invest capital in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate including Single-Family Homes, Multifamily Apartments, Office, Industrial and Hospitality.

Since our inception, we have focused our expertise, business approach and financial strength on distinguishing ourselves in services to others. Integrity, Trust and Accountability are the core principles behind our real estate investment. We continually reexamine our track record, focusing on improving our performance and separating luck from skill.

Looking forward, Agrawal Reveladore will continue its opportunistic investment philosophy through two established business lines: investment in long-term core properties and investment in opportunistic assets. This two legged investment strategy allows Agrawal Reveladore to balance the components of its portfolio to take advantage of each stage in the business cycle.

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